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June 2009
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Day: 25. June 2009

My Epic Life- Part One - June 25, 2009 by Caitlin

Dear Diary,

My life was total chaos today! My very first day back at school, first day back in science, just getting things back into swing, and we have to dissect a brain. 

Yes, diary, thats right. A freakin’ SHEEPS BRAIN.

It was so gross! There were all these blood clots inside! Really gross. But to make things worse,my friend dared me to lick the brain. Of course, I said no, but then she said “oh, i’ll pay you $50…”

So obviously, I said yes. D’uh. The brain actually looked quite nice when you tilted your head to the side… And then closed your eyes.

I didn’t realize that when I leaned down, my friend would smack my head, so that I would get a mouthful of brain.

I know right? And she didn’t even give me the $50!

Well, I’ve gotta go now Diary. I have to wash some brain out of my hair.

xo Demi

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