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June 2009
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Day: 30. June 2009

Dolphin Divers : Dive One - June 30, 2009 by raqshan


“I can’t believe that we will be swimming with real dolphins!” I exclaimed. Grace and Sandy nodded in agreement. My parents were ocean biologists and often dived with dolphins. They had agreed to take me and two friends with them when they traveled around the world to dive with different dolphins. I had been allowed to bring two friends with me. I chose two of my best friends .I decided that would be fair.  Grace was my BFF. Sandy was my friend since third grade. We were standing on the deck of the Dolphin Diver.  “We are about to start, ” said a familiar voice. I turned and saw my mother walking toward us. “I’ve been looking for you kids all over the ship.” she said. “Sorry,Mom,” I apologized,” We were excited and we wanted to take look around.” “I know,” my mother said knowingly,” You three will have to share a cabin,” my mother said pointing at Grace and me.”" You kids can stay out here as long as you want.” We stood there staring at the see for a long time when we heard an announcement.”We are now in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, in the home of the Bottlenose Dolphin.”"Finally, we will get to dive with some dolphins,” Grace said dramatically,” I thought I was going to turn into a statue,” We laughed and made our way to the room where the diving equipment was stored. We found my parents putting on their suit. “There you are!” my father laughed,” We thought that you forgot about diving.” “We would never do such a thing,” I said pulling on my suit. After we put on our gear we stood on the platform where you jump off. “Okay on the count of three,” said my mother,” One. Two, THREE!” We all jumped into the cool water. I swam to Grace and Sandy joined us. We looked out at the horizon and saw a sight that took our breath away. There was a small dolphin a bottlenose by the look of it and it was heading in our direction. “Look at that,” said Sandy in a awed whisper. Then before we knew it the dolphin was swimming i  circles around us. “Just look at it,” Grace murmured. “It’s so trusting,” I said in a low voice so that I didn’t frighten it. I reached out my arm to touch it but it backed away.  That night at dinner we were sitting at the table discussing what was going on when the captain [ Ronald Slipper] said,” We’re going to pick up a new member of the crew.” “Really?” I asked. We had never talked about getting a new member. “Yup,” Ronald,” We will pick up a lady named Lu-Ming-Sue, she will be the new cook!” “Great!” Grace said enthusiastically,” I can’t wait to tast her Chinese food!”  We all laughed. Some time later we all made our way to our cabin. My mom told us that our cabin was: Cabin #1. We found our cabin and chose our bunks. Acsully Sandy slept on a twin bed and Grace slept on the bottom bunck and I slept on the top bunk. “Good night,” I said.

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