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December 2009
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Day: 12. December 2009

V.I.P - December 12, 2009 by grace

 ”OMG!”screamed Sassy jumping up and down like crazy.She jumped on her bed and called her best friend Chelsy.”Gess what I just got….two tickets to the Demi Lavado Concert,”she said waiting for the scream from the other side…”AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”the two girls screamed.

 ”How cool!When is it and were?”she said concerned.

 ”It is tomarow in Orange County,”Sassy said.She was already looking for somthing to wear.When night came the two girls couldn’t go to sleep.

 Morning came and Sassy woke up at 9:ooA.M.She checked her mesages,”Hi,you awake I’ll be there at 10:00A.M ok?Bye,”Chelsy said.”OMG,thats one hour!”Sassy said hoping out of bed.By the time Chelsy got there Sassy was ready.

 ”Let’s go shoping,and get neew outfits,”chelsy said loping onto the couch.

“OK,let me get my stuff,”Sassy said alreay going into her room.She got $65. and her jaket.When they got thier they found a new peir of skiny jeans,a cool hat,sneakers,and a Demie Lavato shirt all for $45. 

 ”5,4,3,2,1 lets go”screamed Chelsy already walking out the door hoping into the driver seat of the car.When Sassy was in and buckled up, Chelsy steped on the pedle.’We are here!”said Chelsy excitedly.they hoped out and screamed.

 ”Look it’s Demie’s trailer,lets go say hi,”Sassy said with a little scream.”Knok Knok”.

“Hey, fans come in I got the letter with your pics in it,there cool.Come on in,”Demie said smileing at them.The three girls sat on the couch.”How would you two……..

 coment on what you thought demie said. 

The Girl That Dreams - December 12, 2009 by grace

Crash..Crash..went the waves it was music to my ears,and the beautiful chirps of baby sea gulls.It was the most fun boat tri ever.We were here the one the only Paris.”Bojor,”I said to all the people I meet. 

“Bojor!”a beautiful little voice said.A girl my age walked up to me, she was smiling wearing a wonderful summer dress.”You here to stay at our palace,”she said with a deep axcent.Her hair and and eye’s shined in the nice sunny sky.”Walcome to Peris were evryone is hapy!”she said striking a beautiful pose.

 ”Yes I guess I am here to stay at your palace.Do you have a bath I haven’t taken a real shower in months.Ohh and all my clothes fell overboard during a storm sooo,can i barow a dress to were till I buy new clothes,”I said with a croked smile.

 ”Why, yes you may.And we can go shoping ….”she said then she froze”No shopping we will go to the park and tomarow well go shop.”

 I gave a strange look as we walked into the palace.”Why cant we go shoping?”I asked tillting my head and not bugging from the spot I was in.Then she looked down both halls and pulled me into her room.

 ”I can tell the feauter,and we mustn’t go shop,”she said with a worred look on her face.She started to get teary eyes.

“I am going to go shop”I said running outside to a cool shop with cute clothes.

 ”Nnnnnoooooo!” she said running fast behind me.There was a loud crackling noise.We both looked up.

 ”Ahhhhhhh,Help!”I said as a bord was falling right on top of me!

 ”I’ll save you!”the little girl screamed as she jumped for me……….BAM!

 ”You saved me!”I said looking at the broken pece of wood were I once stood,were my life flashed before my eyes.”Thank ou,”I said huging the little girl.

Moving Away - December 12, 2009 by raqshan

         I laughed so hard my sides hurt. “And then he goes and starts making faces at the teacher behinde her back!” Sandy says. Grace stopped laughing long enough to say,” He must have been surpriesed when you showed the vedio tape of him to Ms. Greman.” We reached my house and I waved to them and the called,”See you Raqshan! Call us!” I rushed inside and took in the sents of my house. I flopped in a coach and turned on the t.v. My mom was a subtitute so I had to stay home alone on days she came home late. I watched  Sony With a Chance for a while then I got up and went up to my room. I lay on my bed and did my homework until I heared the door downstairs open. “Mom!” I yelled as I got down stairs. “Hello!” she greated me. “Oh! Mom, guess what??” I asked her almost unable to contain my excitement. “What?” she asked calmy. “After winter break we’re gonna have a spelling bee again!” My mom seemed quiet for a while before she turned to me. “Honey,”she said sadly,”Let me tell you something.” She led me to the living room and I sat down. “Look,”she said as she stered hard at table,”We…How do I put this?…?” she took a deep breath and continued,”Your father got a job that is willing to pay him more!” “That’s great!” I shouted,”But why do you sound so sad?” “Well,”she glanced around the house and then said,”The busness is not here. It’s in San Francisco.”

 ”What?!” I asked not able to wrap my mind around this idea. “We are going to move,”my mom said. I got up and ran to my room. I sat on my bed for a while then I got out my cell phone and dialed Grace’s number. Grace picked up on the first ring. “Hello?” she asked. “Hi.” I replied quietly. “What’s wrong?” she asked me. “I’m moving!” I burst out. Grace was quiet for a minute then she burst out laughing. “What,”I demanded. “I just didn’t know you had such a good sence of humor!”Grace laughed. I was silent. She seemed to understand that I wasn’t kidding. “Can I come over?” I asked. “Um..I’ll ask,”Grace replied, there was some conversation on the other end of the phone. Then Grace’s voice came on,”My mom said that it was ok if you could come.” “Can you ask Sandy to come?”I asked hopefully.

 I arrived at Grace’s house in ten minutes. It’s just a short walk from my house and it was still 3:00. Nick answered the door and let me in. Grace was in the kitchen finishing of a ice-cream cone. She grabbed for another one and offered me one. We went to her room and sat licking our cones in silence. “So..,”Grace vencured finally,”Are you really moving?” “Yes,unless Mom is playing a trick and it would most unlike her.”I replied sadly. Just then the door bell rang and Grace got up to get it. A moment later she came back with Sandy following her. Sandy had a worried look on her face. She plopped down next to me on Grace’s bed. “So, What is the Big Emergency? You were talking about?”Sandy asked. I gulped and then took a deep breath,”I’m moving.” Sandy stared at me. Grace had already burt into tears. ”You can’t move!”Sandy cried seeming to have found her voice. “Tell that to my mom,”I told her.

        The next day in school I found Grace and Sandy standing by my locker. “Hay!”they cried in unison. I greated themwith my usual greating,”Whatsup’?” I looked at their faces. They were acting as if nothing had happened. At school it was hard. I had to tell my teachers that we were moving. Each one of them looked more upset than the last. Their face crumpled up and they just said,”Really?”

  At lunch we had hot pizza. I sat at my regular table. Sandy,Grace,and  alot of my other friends like Jade joined me. I sat at my table and looked at all my friend. Grace and Sandy had told them. They all looked sad.

(part one)The game - December 12, 2009 by grace

  I was sitting at my seat waiting to get to school.We were here.I looked up at the old school it was huge.I saw my best friend Raqshan waiting for me at the door.”Hey,”I said to her.I skipped over happily.I smiled and said,”What’s up.”

 ”Nothing,”she said as we walked into the school.”Want to go to the bassement after school,I heard that there is realy cool stuff for like 1$.”

“Ok,thats what we’ll do,but we should take Sandy,Jade,andCinthya with us,”I said while looking around for the three girls.Then we saw them walking by and ran up to them.They were looking for us too.

 ”Hey, we’re going to the basement after school you,wan’t to come,”said Raqshan.”I heared they have cool stuff there.”

 ”Sure we’d love to come along with you guys it’ll be fun,”Sandy said.We all walked to L.A class.We were the class pet’s,so we always get here 10 minets before class.It’s pretty cool she allways lets us go run erands for her.It’s so totaly cool.

 Hours pasted and it was acouple minets till after school.Tick,Tock,Tick,Tock went the clock.”RING” went the school bell.There was a long line and we were next to go inside.

 ”Look over here it’s a cool board game,”said Jade looking at the game mesteriasly.

To be continued……

“How much?”asked Cinthya misteriasly looking over Jades shoulder.

 ”6$,we can get it ,yay!”I said with excitement.

 We got home and started the game,and got some snacks.”I’ll go first,” I said.I rolled the dice.”Come on ,come on,”I said.I rolled,”6,”I shouted. Then the book in the midle opened.I read outloud,”Io Fairy to my wishy.”

 BBBBOOOOMMMM!Went the game,a fairy poped out.”Make a wish,”she said in a very sweet kind voice.

 They all started to laugh.”I wish we were in dinosaur time!”


“OMG!”Sandy screamed in horrer.

The Year 3099 P. 6 - December 12, 2009 by raqshan

 ”SILENCE!!!!!!” the king roared. The ministers quieted at once.  “There has been an a great upeving in the past few days!” the king said looking aroung the table,”We were on the verge of killing all the Sentor Students. Then they over ran us.” I looked around and hid behind a large plotted plant. “So, we have to go into hiding and take our prisoners too.” “Wait!”one minister cried. He got up from the table and spoke,”We have one student.” The king gasped,”Where?!” Suddenly a large shadow loomed over me! “Ah!”a gruff voice barked. I felt a large habd in my long black hair and felt someone or something yank me up by it.

 I was dragged from my hiding and into plain view of the king and his ministers. They jumpped up from their seats and cried in unison,”SPI!” “You are commen’ with me!” I tried to break free but The person,who I know could see was and Andorian gaurd, was strong and he dragged me to the jail. I was thrown into a dark seel and the gaurd licked the gate. “You can’t lock me up!”I shouted. “I can’t?”the gaurd said with a toothy grin,”I thought I just did! I wa sleft in the dark all alone!

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