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Day: 29. December 2009

The Band!{Part 1} - December 29, 2009 by raqshan

I took in a deep breath. I could here the crowd crying in a corus,”Ashely!! Ashley!!” I looked over at Kile, my song writer and he nodded. I ran out onto the stage and up to the head microphone and cried,”Thanks for coming! Tonight we’re gonna sing our new song “Wave”!”

At the end I took a jumping bow. “Peace!”I cried as I ran off stage. Kile,Marissa,and the band{Sofie,Brian,and Robin} were standing with huge smiles on their face. “We did it!”I cried, barely able to contain my excitement. The Crazy Music had not messed up! I sighed and slumped in my chair. Marissa grinned. Being 13 and older than us she felt as if the band would always mess up and play horrible. Kile sat in a chair next to me. “Ashley,I’ve thought of another song,”he told me. Kile was creative and great with words, that’s one of the reasons he was the song writer. “What?” I asked. “It’s called Paradise.” I nodded as he told me about it. “Wow!’ I exclaimed,”I think this will be your best song yet!”

Your probably wondering what all this humble jumble is about, right? Well, let me explain. I am the leader of the band called Crazy Music.  Sofie,Brian,and Robin play the music while I sing the songs. Kile,My best friend next to Sofie is the band’s Song writer. He writes the songs and I sing them. Marissa is Robin’s older sister and she thought we needed a manager to make sure we knew where we would be holding concerts and when the next band practice would be. The band nearly fell apart when Kile and Marissa got into an argument about who was better at making songs. we sorted it out and now the band is perfect.

To be continued…..

P.S. Please comment if you think the story is a good one and if I should keep writing! :D

Going(Cameron’s point of view){Part 2} - December 29, 2009 by artsgurly983

“So. This is really our last… you know, moment together?” Hazel asked me for the 7TH TIME ALREADY. It seemed as if she thought my answer was going to change.

“Hazel, for the 7th time, you can’t change that I’m moving to Houston, Texas.” I said. But after I said it I sort of regretted it. The reason was because my tone was rude. I know that if I used that tone with my mom I would be in BIG trouble.

I glanced at Hazel. I knew that I had just hurt her. And just with my voice.

” Camry,” she cried getting louder with each word,”maybe I just want you to stay because I need you. You’re my only friend. But, maybe you need some time to think about what you have before you lose it!!!”

I understood how she felt. Out of the 5 years of us being best friends I had NEVER talked to her that way. I didn’t even know how to respond so I stood there. Motionless.  As if I were paralyzed from the waist down……..

All of a sudden she freaked out, pushed my suitcase over the side of the bed, started to cry and then slowly collapse down the side of my bed. I was VERY concerned. “I’m so sorry!” she yelled. I could tell her throat was tightening up.

“Hazel?…Hazel… Haze!!!” I said, smothered in guilt. She turned her head, I guess realizing I was really sorry.

“I’m going,” while I said this I felt like the worst boy alive “You can’t change it. I’m…I, I…I’m sorry.”

“Cameron. Cameron!!! It’s time to go to the airport!” a random voice screamed down from my kitchen, startling me. It was my mom. Uhhhhh, why now? I thought.

I began to say “Hazel, I gotta…” but I was too late. Hazel had already ran down the stairs, dashed through my kitchen, and rushed outside to my driveway where my mom was packing the car. I looked out my window and saw Hazel hand something to my mom. My mom knodded.

Hazel walked away head down, crunching leaves under her feet, crying.

Later on the plane towards Houston, Cameron’s mom handed him the mystery item. A tear rolled down his face.

The item was a BFFL clay sphere Hazel and Cameron had made in 3rd grade.

What else do you think the charm could have been? Post it as a comment.

Pictures - December 29, 2009 by raqshan

         dragon     dpegasus      

parrots              giraffe

Teenage Band:p.4 - December 29, 2009 by Sydney Bailey

That night I walked to Tanum’s house and rang the doorbell. He answered it and when he saw it was me he stepped outside. I stared up at him and then I collapsed holding him like he were my Dad and a ghost was after me. I couldn’t stop crying, he put me down on his pourch and hugged me tightly. I tried not to let the words spill until I was done crying and then I stopped slowly. He wiped the tears off my face and looked me in the eyes.

“What happened?” Tanum asked.

“I’m sorry,” I said trying to fight the tears.

“What happened?” He asked worried.

“Ki walked up to me in l-lunch and th-threatened me, he said he was gonna do something that would make me come back. He showed me a video and it showed-it showed…It showed-”, But the words wouldn’t come out.

“It showed what happened at camp didn’t it?” His voice was nothing more than a whisper.

“Y-Yes, and he said to meet him at the diner by my house when he calls. He wants to see you too, I’m sorry, Tanum, I’m so sorry,” I cried.

He looked at the time on his clock then said, “It’s okay, nothing’s gonna happen. I promise, it’ll work out in the end…If he does show the video then I’ll just have to tell my Dad I was a drunk. Look at me, Jesse! It’ll be okay, nobody’s gonna hurt you, not while I’m around.”

I held him close for a while then my phone started vibrating over and over. I opened it slowly and saw I just got a video message, but it as the video I knew it. I played it and felt me wanna cry again but before I could cry the phone rang again.

I wiped my tears again and pressed ‘Talk’, “Hello?”

“Hey,Hun, get my message?” He asked in that evil voice.

“Yeah, I got it…And?” I asked.

“Meet me at the diner now…And, Hun, You must be comfortable sitting there on Tanum’s lap crying like a little baby,” Ki laughed. Then the line went dead. I looked around and didn’t see a car in sight…But I knew I wouldn’t find anything…He knew me.

I looked at Tanum and he nodded. He pulled out his keys and we got in his car quickly, and then I looked over at him. He didnt start the ignition yet.

“Whatever happens, Jesse, We’ll handle this together,” Tanum smiled weakly. I nodded an we pulled out of the driveway slowly. A few minutes later we pulled into a parking space at the Diner and he took the keys out and put them in his pocket.

We walked in cautiously and saw him in the back corner of the Diner. When we sat by him he handed us a small menu, and gave me a wink.

“What do you want, Ki? We don’t have time for this,” Tanum said leaning toward Ki threatningly.

“What I mainly want is from Jesse.” He smiled that evil smile of his.

“W-What do you want from me”? I asked.

“Tell me you love me.” Ki said.

“Don’t Jesse,” Tanum said holding up a hand.

I stayed quiet then Ki leaned over toward me with a smirk. “Kiss me”, He said softly, “I know you still want to.”

“There’s no way in Hell,” I said grimacing at the effort of remembering that I hate him.

“My hand might just slip on the send button.” Ki said staring me down.

“Jesse, Don’t do it. He can just send it, what happened to it doesn’t really matter? Think about it.” Tanum said softly.

“It can be like it was before, and I can delete this video before anyone sees it. It can be our little secret, as long as you do what I say,” Ki laughed.

I nodded and looked over at Tanum who was looking at me shocked. “Jesse, you can’t seriously be falling for this again.”

I looked at Ki and said, “I’m not getting back together with you. You said only one kiss.”

Ki nodded and leaned closer, I quickly text Tanum what I was about to do and he pretended he was all mad still. I started kissing him but my hand edged toward the phone on the table right beside his arm. Once I got it I slid it under the table to Tanum and he pocketed it.  I pulled away slowly and he looked at me closely.

“This is goodbye, and I don’t think we’ll be talking for a very long time. Bye,” I smiled standing up. Tanum stood up and gave a weak half nauseous smile. We walked to his car but Ki caught up quickly and grabbed my arm.

“Don’t leave just yet,” Ki said tightening his grip.

“Let go of me,” I hissed.

“Stop being so defensive,” Ki said pressing me against  Tanum’s car.

“Get off me!” I yelled.

Tanum pulled Ki off me and said, “Touch her again and see how fast an ambuance comes your way.”

Ki nodded and Tanum backed off for a second. But then Ki pulled me toward him and whispered something rude into my ears.

I pushed him away and before Tanum could react I had tackled Ki and I couldn’t stop punching him.

“That’s for talking about my brother like he was a piece of dirt! That’s for sassing off Tanum! And this-this is because you just messed with the wrong chick,” I screamed at him.

Tanum pulled me off Ki and before I could do anything Ki slapped me. I wiped the blood off my lip and said,” Tanum, call 911.” Tanum did as I said and in that moment I kicked Ki with my spike heel in the stomach. Ki tried to punch me I dogged him and wheeled around to the other side. Tanum was taping this with his phone and laughing so hard. Ki tried to punch me but I wheeled around but once he caught me by the throat and held me in a head lock. I dipped forward and he flipped over my back onto the concrete. He threw punches which way and that and I dodged so fast I felt like magic Johnson. He punched me in the face once and I felt the blood gush out my bust lip. Ki tackled me and I flipped him over so that I was staring down at him.

“I don’t know you anymore.” I spat.

“You never did.” He hissed back.

I picked him up by the collar and let him go. When he hit me it didn’t hurt anymore it just messed with my head alittle more. I let him hit me more and more, more free shots than I would have given anyone else. I hit him one last time and he stumbled backwards a foot then knocked the wind out of me. I stumbled backwards and then it all went dark.

Too Be Continued…

Teenage Band:p.3 - December 29, 2009 by Sydney Bailey


The doorbell rang downstairs and my Mom yelled upstairs for me to get it. I put on a jacket and slipped on my jeans quickly. I ran downstairs and opened the door to see that Enrique guy.

“Jessica, Is this your boyfriend?” My Mom asked from behind the kitchen counter. “I thought you were going out with that Ki boy. He was charming, did you two break up?”

“Mom, this isn’t my boyfriend! And I broke up with Ki earlier, Mom, You need to get it together,” I snapped in a very high whisper.

“Um, Jesse, May I come in?” Enrique asked leaning against the door frame.

“N-”, But before I could answer he was already inside.

“Hi, I’m Pam, and you are?” My Mom asked.

“I’m Enrique, nice to meet you,Miss,” Enrique smiled.

She laughed and slowly left the room.

“What do you want from me???” I asked in a half yell.

“Nothing, just can we talk in private?” He asked.

“Yeah,” I mumbled.

We walked upstairs to my room and I let him in.

“Tanum says the only fault in your talented abilities is that you dont disipline  yourself enough. And that you also dont push yourself to the limit,” He said softly.

“And?” I asked questioningly.

“I’m going to teach you,” Enrique said sitting down on my bed.

“How?” I asked intrested.

“I’m going to take you to my house.” He said unsure. I blinked down at him and shrugged, I guess that would’ve been alright.


So he took me to his house and pulled up in the gravel driveway. He led me to his garage and pulled up a chair for me, it was a really girly chair but I didn’t protest. He got out his guitar and played me a song soft and low like a lullaby, but the words he said in some other language. I watched him play it and when he was done he passed me the guitar.

“Play it.” He ordered.

“I-I can’t I dont know the song,” I studdered.

He avoided eye contact then said, “Play a song you know”.

I thought about it for a second then I played the song that I did for my Aunt Joanna before she left. It was a sad love song type, her husband had left her for some hotel waitress. But before I put the guitar down Enrique took it from me and pulled me toward him.

“Can I have some advice?” He asked.

“Yeah, anything”, I laughed.

“How do you let go of someone you love?” He asked thinking up into space.

“Um, I never really thought about it. I guess you imagine that person with someone else, but you truly never get over them you just have set in the back of your mind the truth. That you can’t be with that person if they wont let you in,” I said thinking about how Ki treated me for about two years.

“Thank you, Jesse,” He smiled.

“Um, I think it might be getting late,” I said snapping out of  my day dream.

“You just got here,” Enrique said looking at me curiously. Then my cell phone started ringing in my back pocket, I took it out and look at the caller ID. It was Ki.

“Hello,” I said answering the phone, “It’s Jesse”.

“What’re you doing? I’m sorry I did that to you earlier, I really am. Can I have one more chance?” Ki asked deperatley through the phone.

“Look, I can’t talk right now, I’m busy.” I lied.

Enrique laughed softly in the background then said, “Who is it?”

“Who’s that in the background? Who are you with?” Ki asked alarmed.

“Nobody, Uh, that was the pizza delivery boy. Oops…going through a tunnel the signals breaking up, bye.” I said hanging up the phone.

“That was Ki, right? Your Ex?” Enrique asked.


“Then why do you care if he hears me in the background?” Enrique asked.

I tried to say something but Enrique cut through, “You are a horrible liar and your not over him.”

“Okay, maybe”, I laughed.


“Jesse, can I sit with you?” Ki asked looking at Enrique beside me.

“Yeah, I guess.” I muttered.

“Aren’t you going out with that Tanum dude?” Ki asked. But I knew this trick he was gonna make me say I was single, he was gonna make himself look good.

“I’m seeing someone, not him though,” I lied. Ki’s eyes burned into me until I let out a nervous smile.

“Oh, How’s your Mom?” He asked trying not to show how mad he really was.

“She’s fine, Ki, You know good and well I’m no good at small talk.”

“Fine, What’s his name? This guy your seeing, I want him to know your little tricks. Like when you lie you either avoid all eye contact or you get jittery. Or like when you want to kiss me you can’t stop talking about stupid stuff. Like when you’ve done something bad you click through the messages on your phone.”He laughed.”Or like how when we-”.

“Stop it! I get it,” I said avoiding every little glare he shoots at me.

“What’s his name?” Ki taunted me.

I picked up my lunch tray and Enrique made me sit back down. “I don’t like your tone, Sir, Please calm yourself”, He hissed.

“You don’t have one, do you? You  just made it up because you knew what I was going to do if you said no. But have you forgotten what I know about you, Jessica? I could send that video of Tanum at camp doing some pretty nasty stuff, I could show that video of when you cheated on me. The video that would have kept you from getting on the Cheerleading squad two years ago,” He said taking out his phone and clicking to the exact video.

It played over and over in my head every little part. Tanum was drunk and I tried to get him up but he wouldn’t he wouldn’t get off the camp leader’s pourch. He and his buddies went streaking he was the only one in his boxers and at the last moment when I finally got him off the pourch he told me some stuff and gave me a peck on the lips. And the funny thing was I kissed him back because I didn’t want him to be scrambled off to juvi for public intoxication. That night I stopped being ‘Jessica’ I was ‘Jesse’ from now on.

“What’s he talking about?” Enrique asked me.

Then before I could stop him he took the phone from Ki and played the five minute film. When it was over I couldn’t breathe, my secret revealed. Tanum was gonna kill me, and I was gonna suffer humiliation.

“What do you want? I’ll do anything.” I said closing my eyes.

“I want you to meet me at the diner by your house. Bring Tanum, leave the russian or whatever he is at home. I have a propasition for you.”

Ki took his phone and gave me a peck on the cheek as if it were old times.

“Jesse, it’s not that bad.” Enrique lied.

“I could lose my reputation, my friends, and other priviledges. Tanum could lose more than I ever expected since he’s quarter back for out football team”. I said slowly.

“That’s bad.”


Teenage Band:p.2 - December 29, 2009 by Sydney Bailey
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Teenage Band

Tanum must’ve been insane! No way in hell was I gonna spend more time with his big sister, she was like Barbie with red hair!

‘NO,” I said staring him down.

“I thought you’d say that,” Tanum laughed.”Meet  Enrique, Jesse, He’s our new guitar player.”

Five seconds later a guy who looked like some greek god or something got out of Tanum’s car, but I wasn’t impressed. He was wearing a ripped button down shirt and a vest. Bootcut jeans with a chain connected the back loop to his pocket and his hair was black with one silver streak in the middle. He smiled at me and I seemed to be lost of the ability to talk until he walked up to me.

“I’m Enrique, I didnt catch your name, Miss,” He smiled charmingly.

“I didn’t throw it,” I said painfully trying not to show any sign of emotion.

“Tanum tells me lots about you, you are as beautiful as he says. Infact, My girlfriend Julia isn’t as pretty as you are,” Enrique laughed in that incredible accent.

“Well, nice to meet you, Enrique,” I said sarcastically. “And Tanum, get off my property or I’ll march right upstairs and tell my Dad what you did last year at band camp.” Tanum smiled weakly then threw the keys to Enrique. Enrique smiled at me and gave a small wink. He passed me a piece of paper that sure enough had his number on it.

“I wont need it,” I said giving it back to him.”I’d like to keep my innocence.”

“Oh, Well, I’ll talk to you later,” Enrique winked.

Then they left and all I could do was go into my house and take a long bath organizing my thoughts.


Going(Hazel’s point of view) - December 29, 2009 by artsgurly983

“So. This is really our last… you know, moment together?” I asked once again, hoping this time for some reason the answer would turn out to be no. I knew this had to be some sick and cruel  joke Cameron was playing on me.

            “Hazel, for the 7th time, you can’t change that I’m moving to Houston,Texas.” he said. But this time it was different. The way he talked was kind of stern, and out of the 5 years I’ve been his best friend, he’s NEVER talked to me that way.

                   “Camry,” I cried as my voice carried a crescendo,” maybe I just want you to stay because I need you. You’re my only friend. But, maybe you need some time to think about what you have before you lose it!!!”

He stood there.  I couldn’t help myself. I threw the suitcase off of the edge of his bed and felt a tear roll down my cheek like a barrel rolling down a steep hill.  “I’m so sorry!” I said, my voice cracking. I could feel my throat tightening up. I slowly collapsed down the side of his bed.

“Hazel?… Hazel… Haze!!” he said. I could tell he was sincerely concerned. 

I turned my head. “ I’m going. You can’t change it. I’m..I, I..I’m sorry.”he said sorrowly.

“Cameron. Cameron!!! It’s time to go to the airport!” a random voice screamed from downstairs. It was his mom. “Oh no.” I thought.

” Hazel. I gotta…”Cameron tried to explain but I ran out of his house and to his mom who was now in their driveway.

“Ummm…. Mrs.Sherwood?”

“Yes, Hazel?”

“Can you give this to Cameron on the plane to Houston?”

In the palm of my hand was a necklace with a special charm.

“Oh. Yes honey. I will. It’s safe with me.” she said reassuringly.

I walked towards my house, buried in melancholy. That was the last of my friend, or that’s what I thought. 

Later on the plane towards Houston, Mrs.Sherwood gave the neckalace to Cameron. Cameron began to cry.

The charm was a BFFL  clay sphere that Hazel and Cameron had made in 3rd grade.

What else do you think the charm could have been? Post it as a comment.

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