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Continuation of: Chapter 1

SnowHeart padded out of the hunter’s den. Outside dark clouds were forming as cats and cats began to gather under a huge rock. Perched on the rock, was a gold cat, SunLight. Next to him sat a cat that had a similar white pelt like SnowHeart.

“Cats of HunterClan!” SunLight announced, “StoneTail, my deputy, is back and has completed his mission successfully.”

Mews of joy rang through the assembled cats. SnowHeart sat down next to StormEye and asked, “That’s StoneTail!”

StormEye did not reply, he was gesturing with his tail to RoseyPelt. SnowHeart rolled her eyes and returned her attention back to SunLight.

“With help from FoxTail, RedClaw, and FeatherHeart, StoneTail has defeated FishingClan and took back Steppingstone Ridge!” SunLight waited for the loud cries of the cats to fade before he add, “We also have two new apprentices.”

SnowHeart looked around. No cat seemed excited or fidgeting. Are we the new apprentices? SnowHeart wondered.

“SnowHeart and StormEye, come up to the high rock!”

Startled, SnowHeart took a moment to realize what had happened. She got up and slowly walked up to the high rock. SunLight looked down at her with bright green eyes. StormEye was the first one on the rock. SnowHeart was slower. She sat next to StormEye and looked down. The first face she saw was FireGem’s. She nodded encouragingly while her bright blue eyes twinkled with pride.

“StormEye,” SunLight addressed her brother first, “You are old enough to be an apprentice, are you ready?”

”Yes,” StormEye replied bravely.

“Good. LightClan asks you FoxTail to train StormEye. You were taught by me, I hope you pass down all the knowledge of hunting to this young apprentice.”

FoxTail padded up to StormEye and laid the tip of his bushy tail on StormEye’s head.

SunLight turned to SnowHeart. SnowHeart could feel her heart racing. Who is going to be my mentor?

“SnowHeart, Are you ready to be an apprentice?”

“Yes.” SnowHeart answered breathlessly.

SunLight nodded and scanned the crowd of cats. Spotting the one he was looking for he said, ”GrayChest, you will teach SnowHeart.”

To SnowHeart’s surprise the same cat who had addressed her and StormEye in the hunter’s den approached SnowHeart.

“You’re still not allowed in the hunter’s den,” GrayChest said good-humouredly.

He touched her head with the tip of his tail.

“Wow! We won’t be sleeping in the nursery anymore!” StormEye exclaimed with delight.

The two of them were heading towards the apprentices den with their tail high in the air. SnowHeart felt a bit queasy at the thought of sleeping with other apprentices.

The apprentices den was a small cave in the side of the cliff with long vines draped over the entrance. SnowHeart pushed her head cautiously into the den. Inside there were about five other cats, all apprentices. One of them, a short hair tom with a pelt the color of leaping flames and large amber eyes padded over to SnowHeart.

“Hi!” he greeted her, “My name is FlameClaw.”

“I’m SnowHeart and this is my brother StormEye,” SnowHeart introduced them.

RoseyPelt appeared beside FlameClaw and purred, “SnowHeart! Didn’t I tell you SunLight would make apprentices?”

SnowHeart purred in delight.

“Come here,” FlameClaw showed them to two beds of moss, “You shall sleep here.”

“Thanks,” SnowHeart replied gratefully. She curled up on the moss and looked closely at the other cats.

There was a white pelt and copper splotched she-cat. An other was with dark black furred and bright yellow-eyed tom. The last cat was a light shaded brown tom with dark black marks on his head.

“Oh! How rude! You guys didn’t even introduce yourselves!” RoseyPelt exclaimed.

“I am PatchPelt,” said the she-cat.

“BrackenClaw,“ said the brown tom.

“I am DaggerHeart,” growled the midnight shaded tom.

SnowHeart tried to purr to him as she had with the others, but something wouldn’t let her.

Perhaps it was his eyes. Maybe it was the way his claws kept sheathing and unsheathing as if ready to spring into battle with her. Whatever it was, SnowHeart knew one thing; he gave her an uneasy feeling.

To be continued….

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