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The lock clicked and the bared door creaked open. Five shadows flowed out and toward me. ones in line the flowed up and solidified into crouched shapes of Wolf-like creatures, then in unison they opened their eyes which burned with intelligence, and knelt down  in front of me. I signaled them to rise and they did. the one in the middle bound forward and ones again kneeling hissed” Thank you my mistress” . I nodded my head and the shadow fiend rose, and stepped back into the ranks. ” Any orders?’ It asked. “Yes, I want you all to go around and gather all the immortals that offer to obey me, If they run or try any tricks, kill them. And if you have spare time you can stop by and get a human for snack.” I said. “Very well my Mistress” Said the Shadow hound, and they all sank into the ground, ones again taking the forms of shadows. Knowing that there would be a wait I sat down and closed my eyes, Leaving my body empty of essence and life.

” We have brought them mistress” Said the hissing voice. I was jolted back to my body with a painful shock. I opened my eyes and breathed in the musty odor of the prison. I stood up and saw the many pathetic souls standing in front of me and could not stop a smirk from crossing my mussel. I noticed the many dead ones that were brought along and sighed “Bring me the living, dispose of the dead.” I said ” Yes mistress” The shadow alpha hissed as usual. I turned around and regarded the others then huffed, you’d think a top prison would keep more powerful and menacing immortals than these useless larva.”Well, let’s begin>” I told all the new arrivals.” Lets do questions first, No questions during my explanations or you’ll end up like them.” I jeered my head toward the dead immortals, who were now being dumped in a shadow portal.” Understood?” They all nodded vigorously. Most likely afraid of the consequences.Which was probably true,” SO, Questions, anyone feel free to ask.” For several minutes all was quiet then one arm slowly went up. “Yes?” I asked. A chupakabra nudged it’s way to the front ” Um well , I just want to know…”It said in a scratchy voice”Spit it out goat sucker” I said  even though i was more interested in  an exactly round spider web in  the corner in front of me than in the chupakabras question.The chupakabra took a deep breath then said the phrase in one word”whattypeofcreatureareyou?”I snapped to attention and automatically went into my attack position.Seeing this the chupakabra shreank back ,wimpering, into the crowd. I forsed myself to relax then said ” I am a magikind more commonly known as a witch and my name is Gelnora the disendant of an ancient and powerful tribe.” At this news all of the immortalls quickly bowed down .So easy.I thought. I walked toward them,Then cicled the huddled group and suddenly thought of sheep… a sheep herd, yes that’s what it reminded me of, I smiled at my own humor, then shoook my head, and looked at the group ones more and noticed for the first time their frightened expresions and sneered.So pathetic .I thought.Well better get this over with “I guess now that you know who I am there si no need for an explanation, So let’s get to the chase.” I nodded my head to the shadow alpha,who nodded to the other shadow hounds. I smiled i was about to preform the part I absolutly adored! ” Okay so if you do not wish to join me you may leave” After a few unceartain moments a yety took a couple uncertain steps back then noticing nothing was happening he turned around and started walking away at a more normal pace ( for a yety). Every body (besides me) watched with terified eyes as his own shadow became a large black wolf. Apparantly obliviouse to the danger the yety walked on. Then with a snarl the huge beast leaped forward ,it’s salvating jaws agaip, and landed right on the yety’s back. The yety was nocked down by the forse of the impact.the hound dug it’s claws into the warm flech of the yety, it’s victim howled in teriffied pain as the hound snarled and sunk it’s razor sharp teeth into the yety’s neck. after saveral minutes of hopless strugle the yety finally grew still. then the huge wolf draged it’s kill into the nearest shadows and sunk into them taking the yety with it. I turned toward the other immortals and grined as if i were still a yong wyrmling.But they stood there trembling from cold,or fear, I could’t tell which one. seeing this display hadn’t intertained them as much as it did me I walked a few steps away from the huddle, turned back to them and formed a black portal much like the portals my servants used on;y this one didn’t lead to the underworld. ” Now who’s ready to leave this dump?”

If you want to understand this better read the first chapter of the Destiny Of Legends

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