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March 2010
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Day: 31. March 2010

Ilurin—-chapter 2….WHAT!? part 2 - March 31, 2010 by Asia DeBoard
This entry is part 2 of 10 in the series Ilurin----chapter 1 And I fell

Mae was just about to ask why not to call Bliss by her last name when there was a knock at the door.

<People are getting testy knowing Reine is here.> the voice was a mixed accent of Both Vampiric and Elven origins creating a beautifully dangerous voice.

“Come in, Random!” Bliss called out.

Just as Mae had thought the owner of the voice was of both Vampiric and Elven origins. His skin had the paleness of a vampire, but still held the blue hue of an elf.

“Mae, this is Random. The most culture mixed person in the army, he speaks all twenty nine languages of the kingdom of DiTerra.”

“Welcome, Koningin.” He bowed at Mae. It made her feel weird seeing is to how she was in Pajamas. Wait, PAJAMAS? How did she get into PAJAMAS?

Mae ignored the fact that Bliss most likely changed her while she was unconscious angrily, and focused on her Dutch. “Uh, dank u, elanden.”

The man looked at her funny, and Bliss laughed at loud. ” I think you mean ‘ Dank u, vriend.’ You said ‘Thank you, Moose.”

Mae blushed. Her Latin was better than most people’s but her Dutch was terrible.

“It is muy bueno. I guess I can be a moose, but only because La Reina said so.”

“Why do you keep referring to me as a queen?”

“Uh, that is algo que hablar about with Amari. Anyway, get dressed and get down stairs. People are Hayvanlar sev when they want to see you.”

Bliss got up and went to the closet. “We’re the same size when it comes to shirts, but you’ll have to talk to Shae about borrowing some pants or a skirt or something, your to tall for mine.

“My sisters are here?”

“Just Shae annd please don’t call her your sister anymore, it might offend your real sister, Zo.”

“I have a real sister?”

“And a brother who is married and lives on his own with two children; Mamako the boy and Maigo the girl.”

“Wow, what’s his name?” Mae just realized that Bliss had already put a dress on her. Well, it would have been a dress on Bliss, but it was just a shirt on Mae.

“Yu–ki” Bliss struggled pulling off the tiny dress and replacing it with a larger one, but it still was just a long shirt on her. “I will be right back. We need to borrow something from Shae.”

Not two minutes after Bliss had left, someone walked in the room, she was glad Bliss hadn’t yet removed her pajama pants. It was that Vampire, Akooji.



“So, being held captive by your own subjects?”

“Why does everyone keep calling me a Queen?”

“Well, Hajji retired. Your mom’s..uh, sorry..Yuki enjoys his quiet life, Zo refuses to get married, and honestly you are the best for for the job. And after we defeat Ivy, Onihime, my brother, and the rest of the imperial army, you have to get married and become our leader.”

“You sure it’ll take that long? I’m only thirteen.”

“Thirteen? Your well older than that! Your one-thousand nineteen years old!”


“Mae! I’m not supposed to be here! Be quiet!” Akooji ran to the door, but Bliss was standing on the other side, waiting, tapping her foot. “Uh, sorry. I know I’m not supposed to talk to the queen without properly asking for an audience from her father.”

Hunters: Keepers of the Forest; Passage # 3 - March 31, 2010 by raqshan
This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Hunters


Chapter 2
Sunlight streamed through the vines at the opening of the den. SnowHeart opened her eyes and looked around. FireClaw was curled up next to her and RoseyPelt was stretched out next to StormEye. BrackenClaw and PatchPelt were still sleeping, but DaggerHeart was not there. SnowHeart slowly stretched her paws and rose to feet. A sudden sound made her look up to the entrance of the den. GrayChest stood there.

“Are you ready for your first day into the forest?” GrayChest asked.

“Oh!” SnowHeart had not known that they’d be going into the forest.

“Wake up StormEye,” GrayChest purred, “Meet me and FoxTail by the edge of camp.” He turned and left.

SnowHeart padded over to StormEye and nudged his head.

“What? Leave me alone,” StormEye’s voice was groggy.

“GrayChest said we are going to go into the forest!”

StormEye immediately sprang onto his paws.

“Why didn’t you say so?”

“Because you were too busy being a lazy fur-ball,” SnowHeart retorted.

She turned and padded out of the den. The sun was climbing over the ledges of the hallow where the camp was.

“Hi!” the mew startled her. She spun around and looked strait into the eyes of IceWhiskers, a very playful kit. She had been in the nursery when SnowHeart and StormEye had left for the apprentice den.

“IceWhisker! What in LightClan are you doing out of the nursery?!” SnowHeart demanded.

“I came to fetch some fresh-kill for NightCloud and BerryWing,” the kit explained.

Nodding her head, SnowHeart turned away and padded over to the camp exit. GrayChest and FoxTail were waiting there, talking to each other in low murmurs.

“SnowHeart,” GrayChest explained, “You and I will go out to practice hunting while I show you the forest.” SnowHeart nodded. She was fine with that.

“Drop into a crouch. Keep your tail down”

SnowHeart felt her fur bristle with embarrassment. GrayChest had told her that.

She slowly lowered her tail, but kept her eyes fixed on the small wood mouse. Slowly she steadied her quivering tail and got ready to pounce. Suddenly the mouse stiffed the air and darted towards a burrow. Yowling with frustration, SnowHeart launched herself onto the mouse. Nothing. It had escaped. Again.

SnowHeart felt blood pounding in her ears with fierce anger and frustration.

“It’s okay,” GrayChest mewed, “That was pretty good for the first time.”

SnowHeart shook her pelt free of leaves and stalked through the undergrowth. She stiffened. “GrayChest! I smell a rabbit!” SnowHeart hissed. She sniffed the air and padded away with the sent trail in her nose. She could here GrayChest a few rabbit-hops away. Finally, SnowHeart spotted the rabbit. It was nibbling on some grass. She made sure her tail was down and still. She stalked till it was a few fox-tails away and lunged.

SnowHeart proudly padded back into camp. She felt her fur prickle with pride when the eyes of her den mates probed her with envy and surprise. She went over to the fresh-kill pile and dropped her rabbit on top.

“Wow! That’s a big rabbit for your first day!”

SnowHeart turned to see FlameClaw looking impressed sunning himself on a ledge above the ground. She purred and looked at GrayChest.

“You’ve done enough for today. Get some rest.”

SnowHeart nodded and walked over to the side of the hallow. She sprung onto a ledge next to FlameClaw.

“Where is StormEye?” she asked, tucking her paws under her chest.

“He’s still training with FoxTail,” he purred.

Closing her eyes she basked in the sun, enjoying it’s warmth.

Suddenly, she was asleep.

The forest was larger than in the real world. SnowHeart was dreaming. The sky was filled with stars and the moon was full. She padded towards the forest. Suddenly, a black tabby stepped out of nowhere.

“Stop.” the tom hissed.

“What? Why?” SowHeart asked.

“You are not any Clan leader,” was the retort, “you shouldn’t be here.”

“But-,” SnowHeart was cut off by a gentle voice as another cat stepped out next to the tom.

“ShadowWing?” the cat was a white tortoiseshell she-cat with black and light brown splashes, “What are you yowling at?”

“This… this apprentice is trespassing on LightClan territory.

LightClan! The ancestor Clan! They lived in the sky’s hunting grounds. Only Clan leaders were allowed to contact them.

“Calm down, ShadowWing,” the she-cat purred with amusement. She gazed at SnowHeart with understanding, “She has come at last.”

SnowHeart bolted awake. She was still lying on the ledge, but the sun was fading. FlameClaw was prodding her with a paw.

“It’s about time you woke,” he joked, “I though that you were going to take on a badger tradition and hibernate.”

Purring she padded next to him towards the apprentice’s den.

“That was some rabbit you caught today.”

StormEye was standing in the entrance of the den.

SnowHeart purred even louder.

“Stop purring,” RoseyPelt let out a meow of laughter, “You won’t let me get some sleep if you keep it up all night.

SnowHeart stopped purring.

“Good night, StormEye,” SnowHeart mewed.

“Good night FlameClaw,”

“Good night RoseyPelt.” And fell asleep. She had no dream.catcat

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