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June 2010
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Day: 20. June 2010

Hope (the first page and YES I wrote this) - June 20, 2010 by CoOkIeMoNsTeR9

Chapter 1

Last summer I used to be that girl who would be showered with gifts and brag as she’s surrounded by a sea of green.  I used to wear tight, strapless tops, a black, laced thong under a white or pink mini skirt, and red stilettos.  I used to think that bigger was better.  I used to believe that I always needed to be on top as I laughed while other people would sink below me.  I would scream at the top of my lungs, until I got what I wanted.  My dad called me his little princess, but I knew deep inside that I wasn’t a princess.  I was a soulless monster.  I used to look in the mirror everyday and flash a smile, but know all the mirrors are shattered.  Shattered just like the rest of my world.

On July 18th my father, Henry Edwards, died in a car accident.  The memory was like a flickering flame, burning in the back of my head.  Everytime it rained, it reminded me of how many times I cried myself to sleep.  It might have been easier to drown in my own tears, but I didn’t.  I used to think glue would keep me held tight, but it can’t.  Nothing can.  My shell is cracked and will forever remain that way.

Unfortunately, not only did I fall apart, my entire family did.  When we eat dinner, the room is filled with silence and everything else turns black and white.  My mom doesn’t even talk anymore!  The words are caught in her throat as she tries to spit them out.  I try to help her, but she won’t let me in.  She won’t let anyone in.

Also, along with my dad, my old self was buried.  Therefore, I now wear white tank tops, jean shorts, and rainbow striped stockings.  Scars remind me of how far I’ve come.  How far I’ve come since then.  I pray to God for thanks everyday and pray that next day be just as good as the last.

So now I’m the holder of the key to happiness.  The key lies in a dusty draw because if my family isn’t happy then neither am I.  My physical appearence improved, but my feelings didn’t.  Of course there wasn’t a stream running down my pillow anymore, but I still sit there empty.

It was July 18th, a year since my dad’s death.  The sun’s rays shinned through the glass window, blinding me.  The sky was still blue and white, puffy coulds still floated around.

“Mom, it’s time for breakfast.  Come on.”  I helped Lisa get up, off the bed and step by step to the kitchen.  Mother was physically and mentally unstable.  She didn’t want to see a specialist or take medication.  All she needed was a pencil, piece of paper, and me.  She wrote everyday that she was fine and the least I could do was respect her request not to see a doctor.

“What would you like me to make you?  Blueberry pancakes?  Eggs?  Bacon?  What are your taste buds craving today mom?”  I tried to use my peppy voice, but it didn’t help.

“Hi.”  Lisa was barely speaking.  She only said hi, bye, what, yes, no, morning, night, etc.  These were only the basics, but I knew I had to be patient with her, until she could fully speak again which may take months.  Possibly even years.

“Hello mother.  What do you want me to make you?”  She shook her head no.  “You’re not hungry?”


“Okay, well I’m going to take a little walk.  Is that fine?”

“Yes.”  I gently kissed Lisa on her forehead and headed outside.  The grass was greener than green and you could hear birds singing from a mile away.  The world is like a door.  It look perfect on the outside, but on the inside it’s fully of dirty little secrets.  Just like this.  On the outside everything looks fine, but on the inside there’s a family being torn to shreds because of the loss of a famly member.

I merrily skipped along the stone path to the pond and sat down on the wooden bench.  I stared at the brightly orange colored scaled fish gracefully swimming around and the ducks quack and flap their wings to fly.

In the distance there was a black and red spec racing past the trees and other specs.  As it came closer the picture became clearer.  It was a man riding a bike.  Was it a race?  Was he the leader of some dangerous bicycle gang who would ask me if I wanted to take a ride?  I locked my eyes on him and only him.  He was exactly pretty cute.  He had curly brown hair blowing in the wind under a sexy bicycle helmet and a smile that was picture perfect.

Before I knew it, he was gone and I was left there day dreaming.  I dashed back home, my feet feeling like they were walking on air.  I opened the front door panting like a dog.

“Guess what?”  I asked with excitement.


I kept my mouth closed.  The words were rattling through my teeth, but I decided I wouldn’t tell her.

Romeo, Your Remains, I Found - June 20, 2010 by FranticHope

The sparkling ring draws my attention away from what must be said…and of course, what must be said just absolutely has to be said. Today, I found your remains, my love. Sadly, it got me to the point where I couldn’t drink my tea.

Tis a sad day when a soon to be bride finds her fiance, is it not? Now I seem to be talking as you would, as a poet would. You were a terrible poet, but that was one of the best things about you.

Now, it’s hundreds of years later. One thing you did not know about me, it’s quite surprising, is that I am not human. I still find myself living in the days that we met. I still live in the same house that you worked for years to build. I still have all of my old petticoat skirts, old fashioned lace up boots…

Yet, now I find myself singing my heart away. I am known as JADE, part of the UTAUloids. Teto-chan…she is like a sister.

Sadly, though, I realize that when I wore those skirts and boots, people shunned them.

It is the year 2317, love, and you family name has died out. I only wish you could have continued it.

My outfits are now forced to change, and the old ones are far to worn..still, all I see in them is you.

Now, my love, I have come done to the end. I have trudged out to the area where your remains were, and I shut down my system. Isn’t it wonderful, love? Now we can be together!

Teto chan reset my system, though I came back with new knowledge. I now know I must hunt down one girl, for in this girl, there is life. And that life, within it, is you.

I have found out now that all lives don’t last forever…and I end my system by you. Will I be seeing you again, love?

Okay, I got bored. This is not the real thing for Miss Jade, but I will come up with something soon. Anyway, Tania, if you can, email me sometime. We haven’t spoken in forever, nyaa~.

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