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Day: 8. July 2010

Athena ~ Chapter Two (Continued) - July 8, 2010 by raqshan
This entry is part 5 of 10 in the series Athena and the Benders

Continuation of Chapter Two: Who let the Monsters in? Who? Who?

stormy sea

  Charlie grinned from ear to ear and began to dance. The hall was filled with rock music. From what he had just told me, about him being immortal and all, I would have thought rock music would have been foriegn to them.

After they danced and cut the cake Charlie announced,” Time for presents!” I turned to another table and blinked. On the table were five boxes. I walked to the table and looked at Charlie. He nodded. I took the first box. Inside was a jade necklace from Annabeth. In the next one, was a silver cloak.

“I thought you might need,” Tancred explained,”It gets cold at camp.” 

“Thanks,” I said.

The next gift was obviously from Nelly. The paper on the box was red and when I touched it it burned for a minute then suddenly turned cool. Nelly’s smug smile faded when I got the box open with out burning myself. Annabeth snorted when she saw what was in the box. A watch was in the box. Its glass had painted flames and on it was the clock’s hands and numbers. 

“Press the button,” Nelly said. Her voice was cold as if I had offended her. NervouslyI pushed a button the watch tranformed into a brass shield. 

“Thanks,” I muttered, although I didn’t know it would ever come in handy. 

“Now here’s my gift,” Charlie said. 

I opened his box and stared. A small golden bottle of…mascara

“Umm…thanks,” I said quietly,” I will use it the next time I have to go to  a fancy party.”

“That is not…Oh! just uncap it!” Charlie cried. 

I spun open the golden top and suddenly I held a golden blade in my hand.

“Wow! That’s extremly cool!”I admitted,” But I don’t need a sword.”

“Don’t need a blade?!” Charlie cried. The entire hall erupted in laughter.

“You’ll need a sword all right!” Tancred cried,” Unless you want to we shredded to ribbons by monsters!”

Blushing, I touched the cap to the tip of the sword. It became a bottle of mascara again.

“The sword’s name is Guvana Mara.” Charlie said.

“Golden Claw” I translated, surprised that I knew. 

Just as Charlie was about say something, the large doors of the banquet hall flew open. A large bull man stood fromed in the doorway. Two white horns were on his head and he had a large snout and was only wear underwear.

“Tancred!” Charlie growled,” Take Athena out of hear and to camp. Now.” Then, Charlie took from his pant’s pocket, a pencil. Twirling it in the air it soon turned into a sword. Tancred grabbed my hand and dragged me to a door at the end of the hall. He opened the door and we rushed outside. In the open air, dusk was falling and the sun was low in the evening sky. To our left was a thick forest of trees. To our right, I could see the ocean, glittering in the last rays of the setting sun. 

“Come on,” Tancred called. He started walking towards the woods. 

“Why are we going to the forest?” I asked, catching up with him.

“We have to get through the forest and on the other side there is the Secret Camp,” Tancred explained.  

            The woods were dark and only the faintest trickles of light came through the closely pack leaves. I had never been in the forest. My dress, kept getting snagged on tree branches and tearing. Suddenly, out of the dark bushed a large black wolf bore down on us. In a flash, a silver sword was in Tancred’s hands. I just stared at the thing.

“Oh, it’s you,” the wolf growled. Then, it transformed, before my eyes, into shaggy, dark hair boy. “I thought intruders finally got the guts to enter my forest.”

“ Cap, this is an emergency,” Tancred said,” A Minetar is after Athena!”

That’s was when “Cap” noticed me. “Athena?” he asked. Then his black eyes brightened somewhat and he cried,” I thought you were gone!” The next thing I new Cap had wrapped me in a huge bear…uhh..wolf hug. Tancred had some trouble prying Cap off me. “Dude, Cap!” Tancred cried, snapping his fingers in Cap’s face,” Emergency? Minetar? Does that mean anything to you?”

“Right!” Cap said seriously,” On my back!”

There was a wolf again. Tancred climbed onto the large back  and held out his hand to me. I took it and he hoisted me up behind him. Then we were off. Wind whipped my hair behind me and the trees were nothing but brown and green blurs. Cap was running and as he ran, I think I saw white and brown blurs in  the trees, keeping pace with us. Cap traveled through the forest, that would have taken us at least two days to cover on foot, in a few minutes. We raced out of the forest and Cap skidded to a halt. I lurched forward and painfully banged my head against Tancred’s.

I slid off of Cap’s back and as soon as my feet touched the ground, I crippled to the grassy floor. My vision was blurry and my head was swimming. I felt as if I had done a flip or something while drinking a cold ice cream sundae.I felt Tancred’s hand on my shoulder and heard him say something to Cap. I bits and pieces of his conversation,” ….could’ve gotten hurt…you know she hasn’t…..needs to get used to it again….” As my vision started to become normal again, I saw a apple farm, not far from where we were.  A large farm house stood siluetted against the setting sun .

“Are you okay, Athena?” Cap’s voice brought me back to earth. He had returned to human form and was looking at me with consern. 

“Ya,” I replied. I wasn’t lieing, more or less. Just then, two teenagers, one with dark brown and an other with light blonde hair. 

“Gole and Alli,” Tancred greeted them. 

“Tancred,” the blonde one said and smiled at me. The brown haired one seemed to look right through me. 

“Anthena,” Cap introduced them,” The blonde guy is Gole and the brown haired is Alli.” 

“Hi,” I said,” I am Athena Wise.”  

“We know who you are,” Alli said in a smooth, silky voice.

Ilurin—–Chapter 7 Ilurin - July 8, 2010 by Asia DeBoard
This entry is part 11 of 10 in the series Ilurin----chapter 1 And I fell

Mae hesitantly entered the cave. Why did ‘Ji fear Shadow? What– I’ve got to  keep my guard up. She sat on a Makeshift couch and suddenly jumped up when she realized she had sat on something. It was a book titled ‘Ilurin’

“Ai-la-rin?”Mae asked trying to pronounce the title.

“It’s actually ‘Ee-loo-reen’ But it’s a lost language…No one speaks it anymore.” Shadow said correcting her. “Want something to eat? Berries? Maybe some carrots? Sorry we’re all vegetarians. We only say we eat meat to scare people.”

Shadow opened a box containing foods, turning his back to Mae. Mae opened the book at a random point and began to read.

And so I, Queen Natia, gave birth to a child, a baby girl. My lover and I named her Re—–

“Mae!!”Shadow tackled Mae ripping the book from her and and pinning her down a second time that day.

“GOD! Shadow!What’s your problem!?”

“Na–Mae! Please! I swore! Don’t read it!”

“Swore what!?”

“Mae…Sorry.” Shadow drew his head back and crashed his against her’s. Knocking her out instantly.

As the unconscious Mae slept Shadow carried her to a Makeshift bed, rested her there and laid down next to her.

“Sweet dreams….Natia….”

Mother - July 8, 2010 by Asia DeBoard

When I am Broken,

You fix me.

When I cry,

You defend.

When I am lost

You will find me.

When I feel as

though the

world shalt end,

where are you?

Right beside me.

My one true friend.

Ne’er my foe.


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