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Day: 28. July 2010

Emma and the Reseprecans ~ Prologue - July 28, 2010 by raqshan
This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Emma and Reseprecans

              This is a story called Emma and the Reseprecans (Res-ep-re-cans). Reseprecans are people with talents. Leave comments  to tell me wether you like it or not! Hope you enjoy ! ~ Raqshan



It was night. The winter solstice to be exact. Frost cover the pine forest and snow lay thickly on the ground. It was January 3, 1969. The coldest winter in the history of this town. Yes, the town of the Reseprecans. The Reseprecans are human. They are regular mortals with the unique powers. Every day on a Season Solstice they hold an anual meeting at the old castle.                   

 Right now they sat around an large oval table, all 12 of them. They discussed problems and came up with sulutions. But this Winter Solstice meeting held a big surpries for some of the Reseprecans.   

“We should be able to command them!” Larten shouted. His dark black hair covered his eyes and his voice was evil,” The humans diserve no respct! They are weak! They should be in our command!”  Outside the dark seemed unbareble. Ghosts seemed to move even more than usual, as if supporting the Speaker of the Dead (Larten).

“As is you are the strongest in the town, Larten!” Faren, Mistress of Light tried to reason over the oval table,” If we command the town, then it would be caotic! We could never agree!”

“That is why, only ONE should rule! And in my opinion,” Larten said,” since I came up with the plan, I should cammand this town!”

“I agree!” Janton, Master of the Shadows called,” Lartens, should rule!”

“I have to disagree,” Cendre, Knower of Imotions disagreed,” The humans know they are not as strong as us. They are doing fine without our interference. We only have to put in little effort to make them do what we want!”

“Yes, but then we wouldn’t be showing them our FULL power!” Falcon, Talker of Creatures, spoke up,” They already dare to defy us.”

“Oh, Falcon,” Cendre chided,” You’re only speaking like that because a human refused to marry you!”

Falcon ignored her,” They dare to set up buildings where we have claimed land! They say it the LAW! That we have to sign papers to own land is rediculase!! We practicallt own the town!”

“But, Falcon,” Gina, Controller of Sound and Sight, asked,” They live here do’t they? I mean, if you were to have children and those children would be forced to live in this town, wouldn’t you want the best for them?”

“Pa!” Haris, Controller of Fire said,” As if! If I were them, I wouldn’t have moved into this town in the first place! Then, this trouble would never have started!”

“They thought it was a normal town, Haris,” Eagle, Master of the Skies, told him,” They thought it was a safe town. After all our logo is; Safe for the Unsafe.”

“Yes, but that was meant for Reseprecans to come if they found us!” Larten shouted.

“This meeting is ujurned!” Gina called,” Some of us can’t controll our selves!”

With that, Gina, Controller of sound and sight stood up. The rest of the Reseprecans followed, their robes and cloaks swishing. They darted dark looks at each other as they exited the meeting hall.

That was the Prologue! If you like the plot, then keep on reading Emma and the Reseprecans!

P.S. If you like this of even if you don’t tell me, so that I can improve it, or continue!

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