When I get upstairs, I wash and change my dress. I call one of the servants to take my dress for washing.  Then, I lie down on my bed, close the canopy that frames it, and recount my travels. I remember every single detail.

It had all started one day before a ball, when the maids were lacing up my corset. I told my mother, “Sometimes it’s dreadfully boring being a princess.  I wonder what it’s like being a commonplace peasant. After all,  if I’m going to be the queen one day, I should know how the people of the country over which I rule live.” “You were born as a princess and will live as a princess for the rest of your life. If you wonder about how the peasants live, you will eternally wonder.”, my mother replied. Then she muttered, ”My daughter, with her silly notions.”  I suppose my mother does not remember this conversation, since she asked me why I did ”this”.  After this conversation, I started making a plan.

The next morning, I  had woken up at dawn and put on my oldest, dirtiest dress. I didn’t brush my hair. The night before, after everybody was asleep, I had snuck out and put pillows outside to provide cushioning, since I had planned to jump from the window of my bed chamber so that I could sneak out without anyone seeing me.  And I had accomplished what I aimed to do.  I jumped without being seen nor heard, not including the slight thud that I made when I landed on the pillows.  I had walked the cobblestone streets for a little bit and basically followed what everybody else did.  When people stopped to buy ten pounds of blood-red meat from a gruff, silver-gray haired butcher, I  had bought ten pounds of meat. I had packed a small bag with a few sacks of gold coins, another dress, a cloth,  a small bar of soap, and a small hair brush .  I was glad I had brought so much money, since I was following everybody else and all the people were buying lots of food. Nobody had recognized me, even though I have some pretty distinct features. I have hair that my friend Georgina says is “the color of sunshine”.  Yet, my hair is usually brushed and tied up in a braid or bun, and that day, it had been unbrushed and down. I also have bright blue eyes.  But in the crowd of people, you couldn’t get such a close look at somebody that you could see what color their eyes are.


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