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Day: 20. July 2011

The First Time I Saw A Broadway Show - July 20, 2011 by bellagy419

I’ve been living in New York my whole life and I’ve never been to a Broadway show. Every year, my school takes the fifth grade to see a show. (Naturally, we needed to pay for the tickets.) On June 16, my grade went to see Spiderman on Broadway.  We stayed after school and ate dinner at the school. At 6:00, we got ices and boarded the bus. We got to the theater at 6:45 and we weren’t allowed in until a little after 7:00. Outside, we got our tickets. When we got in to the theater, a man scanned our tickets and told us where to go. When we got to the door of the place where we were sitting, we all got playbills. We went inside and waited for what seemed like a year. Everybody buzzed with excitement. Finally, the lights dimmed and the show started.

The show went by too fast. At the end, the whole grade gave the actors a standing ovation.  At 10:30, we boarded the bus again and got cookies and water. We returned to the school at 11:30, where our parents picked us up.

Did I like seeing a Broadway show? NO! I loved it!  Would I do it again? Definitely :)


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