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Day: 25. July 2011

Evil Cats: Chapter 2- Exploring Campus - July 25, 2011 by Kitty
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Evil Cats

re lowered onto a platform similar to the one at the top of the hill. Leoli typed in a code, and the bars sank back into the shiny square.
“Off you go, young kittens.” Leoli said. “Go ahead and choose your dorms and roommates. The dorms are in the 3 towers over there.”
We stalked over to the towers. At the base of the center tower, their was a small and withered looking cat.
“Kittens,” She mewed. “I will read your personalities, and decide which tower you will be assigned to, and that will later affect your class schedules.”
We tentatively inched forward. An all black domestic shorthair was in front.
“W…..What are you going to do to me?” He mewed, nervously shaking.
“Just this.” She said, and leaned forward to lick the top of his head.
“Oh….” He sighed. “Ok then….”
“The White Tower,” She said. “Is called Alalou, for pure cats. The Black Tower is called Serpelta, for truly evil cats. And The Silver Tower is called Callistro, for the…. special cats….”
“Which one will I be in?” He asked.
She closed her eyes. “Alalou,” She told him. “For the purer cats.”
“Sweet!” He whispered.
“Now, for you, youngling.”
Star stepped forward.
“Who are you anyway?” She asked, after the old cat licked her head.
“I am Alkoa, Keeper Of The Four Towers” Alkoa said.
“But there’s only three towers.” Star told her.
“Yes, but alas, there was once four. As you know, there was Alalou, Serpelta, and Callistro. But, years ago, there was a fourth tower, called Lowsta-Cresta, for the…. Well… for the….. Oh never mind…”
“Get to your tower!”

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