It was a rainy summer night. I and my brother were sleeping in our room. I was not quiet asleep, because of thunder the night was like a day. Suddenly a bright light came out of the sky; I went to the window and saw something that was going down. It was like a plane. All of a sudden it crashed in the vast jungle near our home. Without telling my parents I took my little flashlight and a stick for my protection. When I was passing by my room’s door my flashlight fell and I woke my little brother he asked me where I was going? With my great desire I told him about the crash of the plane! He wanted to come with me I refused but his little cute eyes made me take him with me. With a little bit of fear of the jungle I and my little brother Mathew went inside the vast jungle. The howling of wolfs made us little uncomfortable. We generally come to the jungle in daytime. In day time the environment is so at peace but at night it is like a very bad dream that no one wants to enter! After going deeper in the jungle we saw some flames. It was not a plane it was a square type ship. Mathew asked me “brother is that an alien spaceship?” I was not able to answer because I did not know what that was? Suddenly something came out . For sure that was not humane. I got curious. Slowly, slowly I went near it some liquid like thing was coming out of its body. I was sure that it was injured so I pulled it out of the spaceship and took it to our playroom we set some bandage in its wound and went to tell our parents about the incident. My father is a doctor so he may help the creature. We made our parents wake up and told about the events and how they unfolded. With our parents we went to the playroom. My father took his desertegle.50 pistol with him. When we went in the playroom there was no one. Our parents asked us that were is our alien we said that we brought it here but they did not believed so we took them to the crash site. Good lord! The spaceship was still there and we made our parents believed. We went back to our home and went to the kitchen. We found everything scattered in the floor suddenly the door closed with a great force. We ran there and found nobody. When we turned there was a bright light I was not even able to open my eyes. I felt dizziness and fell in the floor.
Next thing I heard was my mother calling me for school. I opened my eyes and found myself in bed. I thought that I have seen a very bad dream. I looked out of the window and saw no trees were broken, although my torch was in my bed and my shoes were full of mud. I took a bath and went down stairs and sat on the table with my young brother waiting for breakfast. I called my mother but she responded with a horrible sound she also acted kind of strange. I was not even sure that was my mom, because my mom loved me and my brother very much. I saw a very much different view in my mother’s eyes. Was everything happened last night was just a dream or something else!!!

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May 6, 2012 at 5:10 pm by Mriganka
Category: Short Stories
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