The Indestructible Heroes


By ealenate

Chapter one

In Russia a security guard glanced at the noise just outside the building. His heart started racing and he got scared. He screamed in Spanish into his radio then just stood there unsure of himself. He started to run as he heard the alarm blaring from the speakers on the dark wall. He grabbed a M16 and yelled into his radio in Spanish, “ We’ve got a security breach on building 121.”

Outside…. “Whoops,” said Mark looking at the sensor he had activated in the dark gloomy building. “Quick take the building,” his radio yelled as Mark just finished tying his shoe. Mark jumped up and flying punched a hole into the wall and it slammed down. A cloud of dust came up and Mark started to cough. Mark stepped in and headed toward the nukes. He rolled to the floor as bullets whipped around him. He turned around and saw the security guard standing there a powerful weapon in his hand. Mark held up his fingers and lightening shot from his fingers and hit the security guard.


He raced around the corner and skidded to a stop. He glanced around at three kids faces and shrugged, “Sorry.” They glared at him “First of all this is going to be a lot harder after you set off the alarm,” one kid with blond hair exclaimed angrily as he glared at Mark. “Never mind let’s hurry up and get out of here,” Emily said as she listened to approaching helicopters. “Well let’s get busy,” Emily exclaimed as she hurried toward the door that led into the nuke room.


“Wow,” Mark said to Ryan as gazed at all the nukes. “No wonder why they sent us,” Ryan replied as he looked around at the hundreds of nukes. “Emily you disable them and I stand guard. Chloe and Mark you help out with disabling. Finally they were done, and Mark yelled into his radio, “We’re done here.” There was static then a voice, “You better be because you are dead meat,” a Russian accent barked.

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May 11, 2012 at 2:49 am by ealenate
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