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Chapter Three; The Wolfs


“What!” Susan yelled. I couldn’t believe it myself. In one day our old friend Wooly had gone insane, my sister collapsed, and now a crazy man had come telling us he was here to bring us home.


Before Susan had woke up he had mentioned that he needed our help, but at the time I had figured he just need to trade with us. Not this!


“I am here to bring you home,” he repeated.


“We don’t have a home,” I said confused.


“Yeah, we live here not where ever you are from,” Susan interrupted, starring daggers at the man. Boy, if looks could kill he would already be laying crumpled on the floor dead. I could just see it his eyes closed, hands laying at his side. Face emotionless, grim and beautiful, never to speak a word again.


“I am not forcing you to come with me children, I just advise it because they will come. I have news of your parents as well.”


“Wha…Who?” I couldn’t seem to finish the sentence, I was drifting. Those eyes, they looked so calm. I want to be calm, to go with him. No! Wait where was this coming from! My mind snapped back to reality and I could see that Susan was lost, her eyes blankly staring at the man. Her mind must have drifted off too, but how? Had this man changed our thoughts?


“What did you do to her!” I screamed running to her side. Lifting her head I stared into her eyes, trying to catch her attention.


“Agh!” I erupted, her body, it was freezing cold. Too cold, the kind that burns, cold. And her eyes they were dark blue with what little green still remained swirling around inside. I watched in horror as her lips started to blue. I kept staring trying to move my hand to her face, but it would not move. Everything around us had frozen, the man however was not effected. He continued to slither towards us.


“I had no other choice,” he said continuing to move forward, “she had chose not to come.”


Rage filled my mind, and a small flicker of heat flamed up in my stomach, spreading across my body. Closing my eyes I took a deep breath then let the rage out. It came out as a hearty shout leaping around the room, then a bright flash blinded me.



Screams and sirens filled the air. Smoke filled my lungs, and a cough was heard.


“Impressive, but I’m afraid you cannot stop me, Luke”


* * *

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