Part One:


Abbey ran through the maze, drawing breath sharply. She rounded a corner and glanced over her shoulder. She seemed to be alone, but in the everlasting darkness of the maze, she was never sure. She took a right turn and paused for moment, listening. There was a torch a few feet away, giving her a dim glimpse of what lay ahead. The light reflected off her jet black hair and her pale blue eyes. She bit her lip, considering which direction to take, and an unearthly roar filled the corridor behind her. She squeaked and started sprinting, not caring about where the path took her, only away from the bloodthirsty behemoth behind her.


A young boy stepped out of the shadows, no more than five of six. He gazed up at her through terrified eyes. “Where’s my mammy?” he whispered. Abbey shook her head. “Run,” she gasped, and fled off down a left turn. The boy’s screams soon filled the air behind her. She closed her eyes, silently thinking, Six down, seven more to go.


A fifteen year old boy known as Rave strode silently through the horror filled maze, his dark mind uncaring that six other children had been slaughtered by the same beast that was hunting him now.He had sensed it a few minutes ago, though he was not unduly worried. As far as he was concerned, he would survive the maze easily. The rules said three people could walk out alive, so he was trying to locate someone else that would have the lucky opportunity to not be eaten by the monstrous fiends inside the maze.

But now the beast was getting annoyingly close. He had a weapon of course, as did anyone else with some sense in the maze, but he did not wish to kill the creature, for it was the primary threat in the maze and tracking down four others and brutally murdering them was not what he wished. It would be far easier to let them kill themselves off by trying to tackle with the monsters.

Suddenly, a sound echoed down an intersecting corridor and he turned swiftly to trace the source of the noise. It was a teenage girl, a little younger than him. She was extremely pretty, dark hair flowing down to her shoulders and a face that looked permanently surprised. She frowned at him, pausing for a second.

Rave spoke softly. “The beast is pursuing you, yes?” The girl nodded warily. “Well, then follow me. I intend to come out of this maze alive, so if you help me, you will have a chance of survival as well.”

She thought for a second. “Okay. I’m Abbey. You’re Rave, right?” Rave nodded. “I mus-” His words were interrupted by a throaty, sadistic laugh. “Specters!” gasped Abbey. “Run!”


A few minutes of high speed running later, they stopped for a rest. Rave glanced up at his sober companion, thinking. Abbey caught him looking and blushed. “You’ve encountered specters before, yes?” he inquired, mostly to break the uncomfortable silence. Abbey nodded. “They got this girl earlier on. We were allies. We wanted to win, but the Specters… when they found us, they tore her apart. She was just bones, all the flesh ripped from her body. I-I tried to…” Abbey burst into tears, staining the front of her t-shirt. Rave patted her shoulder awkwardly, unused to such situations. He normally only cared about himself, but this girl was different.

“How did you know they were there?” he asked. “I thought Specters were invisible.” “They are,” confirmed Abbey. “But you can sense them. The air goes cold, a chill runs up your spine, and the laugh, the awful laugh.. Well, once you hear that you’d be lucky to have a spine. The Specters are even more dangerous than he beasts, and that’s saying something.”

Rave nodded, digesting this horrific piece of information with surprising calm. In a fight with a Specter though, he wouldn’t stand a chance. A knife would be no good against a creature that can tear you limb from limb in a few seconds. But Rave was so arrogant, so sure that would survive, that he accepted the fact that another monster was hunting them in the maze without much thought.


Suddenly, a blood curdling shriek came from nearby. It was a beast. And it had found someone. Human screams soon echoed through the corridors, but they were soon cut short. The beast was near, and it would be hunting again soon.

Abbey stood up. “Time to go?” she asked Rave, trembling.

“Time to go.” he nodded, and the two of them were soon a blur racing through the hellish maze, cheating death of his victims once more.


Right, this is part one of Maze of Horror and I’m posting it in parts because it’s not entirely finished and I’m too lazy to write any more right now. This is NOT my Summer Contest entry, I’ve just been working on this when I’ve had time, and I’d really appreciate it if you read it and left a comment saying if you liked anything, what I could change, blah, blah, blah. I’m not sure when part two will be out, probably some time in June, because I’m busy writing my actual Summer Contest entry.

And another thing: I will be going on holidays to Spain 3rd-11th of June, so any Contests, continue me stories, etc. Hmm, I think that’s it…. OH! I forgot to do a smiley face! :D



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