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CH.1 The Release - May 15, 2012 by Dances4MyLife
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series The Release

My feet felt like they were flying through the forest. looking in every direction for any sign that it was near me. I was slowing down now. My breaths short and quick, sweat dripping down my face. Oh God. I’m gonna die! crap, here it is! The creature came tearing through the forest, hunger. I tried to keep going but i couldn’t.. tears poured out of my eyes, knowing that this was my only hope. Nature was not on my side. it felt as though the grass was wrapping itself around my ankles, pulling me down toward their level. I can’t die yet. I have something I must do first!

I had to lose some of the weight i carried. I threw my bag off as i ran. Striping my jacket  off, i caught some speed. As i ran faster now, my foot caught in a tree root. I fell hard to the ground, banging my head on the tree.I sat there panting. I couldn’t see the creature anymore. I sat as  still as i could, praying it wouldn’t see me. But how could it overlook this  pale figure panting.. If it wouldn’t see me, it would definitely hear me.


I whipped my head around to where i heard the twig break. I scanned every inch of what surrounded me. I could sense something close by. My hand closed on to a rock.I took a deep breath, Throwing the rock accros from me. nothing. I stood up, slowly sliding up the tree. before i could move away from the tree i heard it. The breathing from behind the tree i leaned against was no mistake. It had found me, or at least it was about to. I clenched my teeth, for i was going to scream.

Slowly, i felt fuzzy hands, smelling of dead things, wrap around my waist, claws digging into my stomach. blood dripped down the sides of my legs, staining my clothes. I couldn’t quite make out what the creature looked like, but i could see blood red eyes staring at me, hungry for me. Holding even tighter, the creature ran with me to the otherside of the forest, where i could here more growling. Not only did i here more roars from other creaures, but i also heard the cries of humans, slowly being killed. I was frightened. My heart pounded almost out of my chest as we came upon the cave. I promised myself i would never use this no matter what, that i would keep myself hidden and away from this, but now i had no choice. I reached into my pocket, hand all bloody, pulling out a gun i had kept hidden. Before the creature could tell what i was holding, i pointed straight behind me, hoping to hit something of the big creature, and pulled the trigger. there was a loud BANG as the bullet shot out and collided with the creature, that had released me. By now the others would come out so i had to ran fast. only taking time to take out one of the claws left in my side, i took off out of the forest.

In P.E. i would always be the last to finish a race, but now i flew accross the forest at lightening speed. I could see the forest’s end up ahead and knew there was a lake right after, so i prepared myself. jumping up in the air, my wings grew. blue as the see, my wings extended out. my sea blue hair glittering in the moonlight, made me feel free for once. i haven’t been able to fly since i moved to this town. but my wings now flew across the lake with me spinning and twirling, as any water faery would do.


Faery CH. 2 Secret Unleashed - June 16, 2012 by Dances4MyLife
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series The Release

I landed on the farm, quite except for the few animals still awake. I drew my wings in and changed back to my boring human form, pale skin, and ratty, tangled, brown hair. As i walked up to the door of the barn, Scruffy, my raccoon i’ve raised since a baby, came running up to me. I bent down to pick her up, but she jumped onto my shoulder, licking my face. She sprawled out underneath my hair on my neck, where she basically disapeared. I entered the barn to my stingy bed of hay. I was lucky enough to find a nice couple who had spare room in their barn and let me stay there at night.

I threw myself into the pile of hay and cuddled up with Scruffy. Even though it was winter, she felt a little to hot than normal.

“Oh, Scruffy. Are you ok? you’re not sick, are you?” i whispered under my breath to Scruffy. she opened her big black eyes and nodded to me.

I don’t feel well. I’ve been sick, but i didn’t want to worry you. Scruffy and I have a way to communicate to each other. she can understand me when i talk, but she can talk to me in my mind. I’ve been able to hear the minds of all animals since i was little, but not all can understand me.

“Scruffy, tell me next time something like this happens. Right away. Tomorrow i will go and find you some medicine.” Scruffy burried her head undermy arm, as we fell asleep. I could feel her tiny heart beat, which gave me comfort.

i awoke late at night, not being able to see. I smelt smoke blowing through the air,. I couldn’t find Scruffy under my arm or anywhere near me. I sat up to see the barn filled with smoke and fire. I jumped to my feet, and ran around , trying to find Scruffy. I called out and tried to find her thoughts but it was all foggy.

The fire blazed hotter, and i had to get out before it was too late. I tried to find the door but couldn’t find it. The fire had trapped me in the center, and i had nowhere else to go… but up. I tried to transform, but i was very weak, i could’ve damaged myself trying. I concentrated as hard as i could. I finally was able to grow my wings and i shot up like a rocket. i threw my fist in front of me, ready to break threw the roof. i came into contact with the roof, having pieces of wood fly everywere, and get stuck into my hands. In mid air i transformed back into a human and started to branches whipped and nipped at me as i fell into a tree. i landed into a huge nest that was empty. I ht my head pretty hard, and it was difficult to stay awake. my eyes slowly were closing, i could see a small figure coming towards me.


I felt soaked. everywhere i moved it felt like i was swimming. i was surrounded by darkness. i heard screaming from somewhere. A little girl’s face appeared in front of me, screaming.

“HELP ME! THE PAIN! NO MORE, NO MORE! I’M NOT SPECIAL,” she screamed. It didn’t seem like she was talking to me, or was there in front of me. more like a vision from near by.

I spoke ot the water. break through. let me up! the water obeyed and i shattered the glass tank that held me hostage. second thing i’ve had to burst through.

I was in some sort of lab. the women and men in lab coats droped what they were doing and stood there, staring as if i was some monster. I flashed them all a grin, before spreading my wings and taking flight. By resting in the water, i had regained a lot of my strength, and i was ready to take down anyone who stood in my way. I whispered to the water, as i flew above the scientist, telling it to strike. the water destroyed many test tubes, and mixtures of chemicals that was in the room. I flew into the next room,with the water following, and saw the little girl.


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